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A small talk in subway after work

I had a chance to engage in a small talk with an old man in the subway after work. He was dressed in a clean suit and spoke English very fluently. He is 75 years old now. He asked me about my job, and I replied that it was related to IT. He remarked that I must earn lots of money. I responded, ‘No, only if my English were as good as yours.’

He mentioned that he had been to China on a business trip 10 years ago as a consultant. He also shared that he has two children, both around 50 years old. One of them lives in Japan, and the other in New York, working in a music-related field at a club. The old man even showed me a photo of his son and the night view of New York, which was truly beautiful. He has visited New York 25 times and plans to go there again very soon.

He revealed that he sent his son to America to study music 20 years ago, and the tuition fee was 5 million yen per year, which was quite expensive. I believe the old man must be very affluent. Now, he is retired and in good health. I could sense the happiness on his face, indicating that he must be leading a very content and prosperous life.




make a call 是什么意思


“Let them make a call”


果不其然,Make a call有两个意思:

1,打电话 To call someone, as on a phone or via the Internet.

I have to make a call, so I’m going to step outside for a minute.

How do you make a call on Skype? Can you show me?

2,做决定 To make a decision (about something).

I know that neither option is ideal, but you have to make a call soon.

It’s too much pressure being a doctor. If you don’t make the right call about a patient’s course of treatment, they could end up dead!